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If passed, employee pension benefits decrease, but required employee contributions increase.

Protect Birmingham Employee’s Pensions! Vote No on HB510

The City of Birmingham is using Birmingham tax dollars to lobby for HB510, sponsored by Rep. Allen Treadaway (R-51)

If passed, HB510 would

  • Increase all employee contribution rates by over 7 percent
  • Reduce non-work disability pay by 12.5% for newly disabled employees, starting in July
  • Decease retirement benefits for new employees, starting in July, by over 22% (excluding fire and police)
  • Eliminate spousal survivor benefits for all new employees, unless they take a 40% cut to their retirement benefits
  • Eliminate spousal survivor benefits for new police and firefighter employees who retire under the police and firefighters’ supplemental system after 20 years of service, should they die prior to the date they would have reached 30 years of service
  • Increase the minimum retirement age for new employees (excludes fire and police)

The Bill passed through committee on March 17, but there is still time to contest it!

Please email your representative TODAY and tell them to vote to contest HB510 on Tuesday, March 23rd to bring it back to committee. You can find their contact information at